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"Obey or Obey?"

If I told my kids to pick up all the clothes from their bedroom floor, I expect them to pick up "ALL" the clothes from his bedroom floor. I expect them to obey me completely. I don't expect them to say, "When we picked up all the clean clothes that we like to wear and left the dirty ones on the floor." This just isn't going to work because this isn't obedience. As a matter of fact, it's disobedience.

I was reading in 1 Samuel 15 earlier today. You know, that time God told King Saul to attack the Amalekites and completely destroy them all. His exact words were "Do not spare them." That went for all the people, all their livestock, and all their possessions.

What did King Saul do? He did attack and wipe out all the people, except for King Agag. Oh, and the best of all the livestock. Actually it literally says "everything that was good." So basically King Saul kept what he wanted, desired, and destroyed everything else. It might not…

"Becoming a Welcoming Church"

I just finished Thom S. Rainer's book titled "Becoming a Welcoming Church." I have always thought of our church as a "welcoming" church. I mean, I've been to other churches that pretty much ignore first time visitors when they walk in the door. I have never felt that in our church. But then again, I'm not a visitor to our church.

The purpose of Rainer's book is to get you to take a step back and look at your church from a "First-Time Attenders" perspective. I was challenged to look at our church not as the pastor, or even member, but as someone looking for a church home.

Before reading, I would say we are "welcoming." After, we have some work to do. Not a lot, but we aren't prefect and there are some things we can do to make people looking for God more welcome in our church. The great part about Rainer's book is that it gives very practical application, things you can look at changing in order to help your first time gue…

Special Bearded Announcement

During the service yesterday I was told that this blog helped people to get to know and understand me. That it was intricate when I took over the role as lead pastor over 8 years ago.

That got me thinking, "Maybe I should start blogging again." Yep, this is happening. As of today the blog is open again. The name will change but it's still me...except older. And hairier. And grumpier. Ok, so maybe a lot has changed. But it's still gonna be fun. Here goes nothing!

P.S. Some things never change. I still can't spell.