"Worthy of Respect"

I’m getting older. Surprise! I have been studying God’s Word for a very long time. But something happened yesterday. As I was going through Titus for what seemed like the millionth time, I noticed something different. I have always read Titus as a young man. I have always been the “young men” of chapter 2. And to some I still am. But I’ll be 40 this year and it dawned on me that I am now the “older men” of chapter 2 to most.


Ok, I’m better. Here’s what I leaned about being one of the “older men.” Age doesn’t make me “worthy of respect.” Measured makes me worthy of respect. Self-controlled makes me worthy of respect. Love makes me worthy of respect. Endurance makes me worthy of respect. But ultimately, sound faith, being a true follower of God makes me worthy of respect.

While my view of myself has changed, my direction in life is the same, always following God.

P.S. Excuse me while I continue to mourn my climb to the peak of this mountain called life and proceed to roll down the other side.


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