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"Devote to Doing What is Good"

Would you believe that humans seem to over complicate things? I though you would. I admit that I do at times. Which is why Titus 3:14 jumps out at me. In Paul’s concluding remarks to Titus he says that the people have to learn to do what is good. That’s right, learn to do what is good. We come up with list of things we “must” do. And the list can be overwhelming if not completely impossible. But in Paul’s letter to Titus, his instructions to Titus on leading the people brought him to one very significant point… devoted to doing what is good. Simple, but at the same time overlooked by so many. Learn to devote yourself to doing what is good.

“Death by Exploding Can of Whipped Cream”

Yesterday morning my wife informed me that French fitness model Rebecca Burger passed away. I have no idea who Rebecca Burger is (or was).
What was shocking was how she passed away. She was murdered by an exploding can of whipped cream! What?! I then began to do my own investigation into this and typed in the Google search bar “Death by exploding…”. Then it happened. Imagine my surprise to learn that whipped cream cans aren’t the only unassuming exploding things taking lives out there.
Death by exploding chewing gum! A Ukraine student blew off the lower part of his jaw and died from chewing gum. (Reports say that he dipped the chewing gum in an explosive substance on accident which begs the question… who has exploding substances just laying around?)
Death by exploding cell phone! A man in china had an artery in his neck severed when his cell phone exploded while he was talking on it. (Just another reason to NOT call your mother.)
Death by exploding breast implants! Let’s just forget that…

"Worthy of Respect"

I’m getting older. Surprise! I have been studying God’s Word for a very long time. But something happened yesterday. As I was going through Titus for what seemed like the millionth time, I noticed something different. I have always read Titus as a young man. I have always been the “young men” of chapter 2. And to some I still am. But I’ll be 40 this year and it dawned on me that I am now the “older men” of chapter 2 to most.
Ok, I’m better. Here’s what I leaned about being one of the “older men.” Age doesn’t make me “worthy of respect.” Measured makes me worthy of respect. Self-controlled makes me worthy of respect. Love makes me worthy of respect. Endurance makes me worthy of respect. But ultimately, sound faith, being a true follower of God makes me worthy of respect.
While my view of myself has changed, my direction in life is the same, always following God.