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“Marriage Advice That Doesn’t Make Sense” Part 5

I don’t know how Fay and I make our marriage work, we just do. However, if I were to impart some wisdom from the almost 15 years of marriage I have experienced I would say this:
I am extremely grumpy in the morning, not to mention I’m not always coherent. During the first couple of years of our marriage Fay would get frustrated with me because I was apparently not doing what she was asking me to do. This was happening on a regular basis. The problem was, I never remembered her asking me to do certain things. This caused us to get into arguments. I was either lazy and a horrible husband, or either of us were experiencing Alzheimer’s disease in our early 20’s.
The actual problem? I’m not coherent in the morning! Fay was asking me to do things while I was still in bed and half asleep. I apparently answered her every single time but I never remembered hearing or saying a single thing.
So instead of fighting we just don’t talk to each other before 8:00 am. That seems to work for us.

“Stop Stealing Porn?”

For a number of different reasons Tim Challies is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. Not only does he write very insightful post. He gives a daily link to other bloggers that I might not be too familiar with. And of course, he gives a daily Amazon Kindle deals on Christian books (I love that!). This guy puts out a lot of quality material for me to intellectually consume daily.
I’m a fan! But he wrote a blog that had a point in it that left me scratching my head. Here is a link to his article entitled 8 Sins You Commit Whenever You Look At Porn.
It’s a really good article and I completely agree with it. But one of the points he made seemed a little moot to me because I didn’t see how it would create a strong argument to abstain from consuming pornography. I actually laughed out loud when I read it.
One of his points was that when we view porn, we are participating in piracy (on the high seas of the internet) and stealing from the porn company that produce the material causing…

“Did I Say Something Wrong”

There I was in the middle of my sermon. Building the tension to a point that is almost unbearable. And just before I get to the peak of my sermon, this happens:

Sunday at NECC
Come on OUC!