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"If You Had the Cure, Would You Share It?"

What if you found out that you have cancer? That would pretty be the worst news you could get. That’s when you start working towards your bucket list.
What if one of your friends came up to you and said, “Listen, I’ve been working on a cure for cancer and I found it.” Talk about great news! Then he hands it to you. You take the cure and your cancer is gone. What next? Wouldn’t you feel obligated to share that cure? Wouldn’t you feel compelled to help others? Of course you would! What kind of a person wouldn’t?
But why don’t we feel as obligated towards sharing Christ like we would share the cure for cancer? The cure for cancer just delays the inevitable. Jesus assures eternity. 
Forget about cancer. Do you tell people about a good movie or a new television show? Do you inform people when a great restaurant opens? Do you give your stamp of approval and encourage people, “You have to go to Sonic after 8pm… half off milk shakes!” Of course you do. We will do everything in our power to let t…

Skittle Theology

This past Sunday I started a new series to talk about the Holy Spirit. I needed to illustrate the relationship of the Trinity.  But what illustration can I use? I could go with the whole water description (liquid, ice, steam): three forms one substance. I could do that. Or I could go with how some people describe the trinity as a three leaf clover: three leaves one clover. That’s kind of cute, and Irish. Maybe I should try the one say that the trinity is like three in one shampoo: three activities, one substance… no. 

The C.S. Lewis route is a fun and simple illustration. Lewis talks about dimensions. If you have one dimension then you can only draw a single line. If you have two dimensions, you can connect more than one line and create squares. Take it a step further and with three dimensions you can build a solid body like a cube. One cube is made up of multiple squares and lines. Meaning that when you get to more complicated levels you don’t leave behind the others. All in one… now …