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Soaked in Urine

Apparently the month of March is the birthday month. My kids have been invited to more birthday parties in the last month than the rest of the year. That’s not even an exageration. I lost count but I believe this last Saturday was birthday party number five. So there I was at a three-year-olds birthday party with my family just chilling out under the shade while my kids splash around in a kiddie pool. One of my buddies walk up with his one-year-old daughter in one hand and his other arms full of everything else. So I thought to myself… “I should probably help him out.” Time to do something nice. So I walked up and said “I’ll hold your kid while you get settled.”
So there I was holding a one-year-old while my buddy eats and relaxes. It was my good deed for the day so to say. So what do I get for my thoughtfulness? The answer is… a leg soaked in urine. That’s right, she peed on me. That’s what I get for doing something nice. 
That brings up a good point, did I expect anything more? One of…