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Disconnect to Reconnect

Found this article the other day with an interesting plea for father's on Father's Day. I don't think we realize how much get's in the way of our parenting. I will putting this into practice this Sunday.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Driver's License

Question, how many of you got your driver’s license for the first time, cried “freedom,” went out and either got a huge ticket or got in an accident? I did. I had the whole year of driving with my parents in the car, student driver, more like glorified chauffeur. The day came when I was free to drive on my own, I had the attitude that I got this under control. Next thing you know I was getting pulled over for doing 60 in a 35. Didn’t have my mom sitting next to me going, “your speeding, slow down.” Not one of my best moments. But it was all in my attitude.

That’s kind of the same attitude that Paul is battling with the Galatians. Paul argues throughout the book of Galatians that after God saves us, we're not on our own from that point on. No, we still live under His constant grace. For many of us, after God has saved us and things are going well we tend to think "I've got it from here." No you don't. He makes the difference, He changes you. Don't be so foolis…