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7 Times

Most of us know the story of Elijah and his bold rebuking of King Ahab's idolatry. Elijah, being God's obedient prophet said simply "there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except by my word." So unless Elijah prays for rain there will be nothing.
For three years it didn't rain. The land was suffering and Elijah was a wanted man. On Mount Carmel we remember the great showdown between the lone prophet of God and the hundreds of false prophets that Ahab had been turning to. Long story short, the false prophets are slain, Elijah stands victorious, and rain comes back to the land on the words of Elijah.
I know that when I read that passage I think that as soon as Elijah prays, enormous rain clouds miraculously roll in and the heavens unload on a barren land. I see it as that immediate. But was it?
Most of the times we miss small details that provide deep insight into God's workings. In 1 Kings 18:43-46 we see that in the wake of Elijah's victory…