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Why Do We Have This?

Every Thursday I give Dana the Core Group Material to proof, he gives me the Bulletin to proof and we sit down and check for errors. I know what your thinking, "why are two guys that can't spell proofing each others work?" Good question, I don't know.
Anyways, moving on. I noticed a mistake in the bulletin so I grab a red pen on Dana's desk and go to correct it. To my surprise, the pen begins to leak. Now I have red ink on my pants. I go to the bathroom to clean it off and the next thing I know there is another red mark on my pants that has mysteriously appeared. Where did that come from? I start to clean that off and as I look in the mirror I notice now I have red ink on my face. How did that get there? At this time I feel like it's an infectious disease that spread rapidly. Like I'm in the movie "Outbreak" with Dustin Hoffman. So I have red ink everywhere and I need something to help get it off and to keep it from spreading anymore.
Dana and I …

Lost Faith?

In 1991 the band R.E.M. released the single "Losing My Religion." It was a huge success. Granted it was a catchy tune, but what I think happened was that the title and theme of the song gave everyone an excuse. Have you ever heard someone say "I've just lost my faith." Think about that statement for a second.
How do you loose your faith? The answer is that you can't lose your faith, you can lose your keys, but not your faith. If you could loose your faith then my guess is that you will find it in the last place you look. If you could loose your faith then that means that your faith can be stolen to. "I put my faith on the edge of this desk just a second ago and now it's gone, someone must have stolen it." That's ridiculous!
Your faith can't be stolen and it can't be lost. It can however be given up. You can choose not to believe in God or the Church or His people. For what ever reason you can think of you can choose. You can choose …

The Living Document

I read this quote the other day, "the Bible is no mere book. It's a living document." Now the first part I had no problem with. There is no other book that can compare to the Bible in all of history, so of course the Bible is no mere book. But the second part struck me as odd, "It's a living document."
At first I thought it was odd, but then I thought about how the Word of God works in our lives. Without the Word we know nothing about Jesus and His work on the cross. Without the Word there is no way to respond in faith. Without the Word there is no way to understand God's ways and his calling. Without His Word we are simple lost.
But we do have his Word, and it is always relevant, always challenging, and always guiding. It never changes, never fails, and never leads us astray. We call it the word of God because in it God spoke-and still speaks today.