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No Kid Hungry

So today we had a bake sale and raise money to help feed kids in our community. My wife Fay headed up the whole thing and I would like to say...she did awesome. She had an idea, followed through with it, got some extra help (thank you so much Cathy and Crystal), and gathered all the baked goodies to sell (and there were a lot of baked goodies). All in all we raised $467. Great job everyone. Lets keep up the good work.



Can't Help But Be Proud Part 2

Well guess what, it was a great day. Now I love Dana to death, he is an awesome Music Minister and a great friend. But I am so glad he took a vacation this week. Because he did I got to see two of my former students lead worship today. I already bragged about Chris, now its Donna's turn. She lead the Connections Band and did a beautiful job. I definitely could not ask for better. I remember the first time Donna joined the band those many years ago in the youth group. She always had the talent, but what I have seen her grow in is heart which is the one thing that sets "good" worship leaders apart from "great" worship leaders. So here we go again, I will say this to Donna in person but I want to say it here as well.

Donna, you've grown so much in the past few years. To say you are talented would not do you justice because when you add heart to talent you get so much something so much more meaningful. Thank you for letting me be apart of your life.

That's wh…

Can't Help But Be Proud

So this morning Chris Henderson lead worship in the absence of Dana. Before Chris was standing before the congregation leading worship he was a snot nosed kid in my youth group who was one of the first kids I ever baptized. I have seen him go from living a live without God to leading others to God. This morning he lead worship with heart and passion and did awesome. Better yet I got to play bass alongside him. It was an honor and a privilege. To say that I am proud of Chris is an understatement. So even though I will tell him myself in person I want to take the time to say it here...

Chris, you are awesome and I am so proud of you. Continue doing what you are doing and the kingdom will be better because of your efforts. Love you bud.

Thats what I have to say about that.



Adding Insult to Stupidity

So I just got done listening to Jordan's sermon this past Sunday night at Connections. One word...awesome. Nothing makes a minister feel as good as seeing one of his students begin to take on the responsibility of preaching God's word and stepping into his calling. Jordan, you rock and I am very proud of you.

Jordan preached about "Serving Others," one of our elements that is found in every follower of Christ. I especially enjoyed how he used the parable of talents in showing service to others is service to God, and that by neglecting that service is in direct conflict to the master. The parable of the talents breakdown...3 guys given a number of talent to invest by their master and 2 are obedient and do what the master wants and the 1 isn't obedient and doesn't. I noticed the disobedient servants response in a different way today.

“Then the man who had received the one talent came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have n…