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Fathers Day

Well, we're about an hour away from Father's day. I get to celebrate my second one with my son. It feels weird to be a father sometimes, but there's no way I would ever give it up. Being a father now helps me to understand and appreciate my relationship with my heavenly father so much now. So while we all remember our earthly fathers I want to remember my heavenly father

Happy Fathers Day God! Without You where would I be?

Yours Only


Give Something

I remember the first time I went to Give Kids The World. I was filling up drinks for the kids, I was with one of my high school students so we were joking around a lot, of course what do you expect? There we were filling up drinks when this kid walked up. Now if you’ve never been to Give Kids the World then you have to understand this…It’s a place for terminally ill kids to go and make some awesome memories with their families. And some of the kids are in bad shape. This one kid walked up and his hands were disfigured so he could hardly hold the cup, let alone get it for himself. He looked at me and said "can I have some chocolate milk please?" Immediately in my head jumps is the verse in Matthew…whatever you have done to the least of these children of mine you have done to me. That verse became real for me that day. I really think this is the essences of giving to God.

The passage is actually Matthew 25:31-46. When I read this passage I see Jesus basically saying “Do Somethi…

Spiritual Growth Made Simple

So last week I started reading a book called A Contrarians Guide To Knowing God by Larry Osborne. Seven days later I finished the book. This rarely happens with me, it typically takes a few weeks to finish a book, rarely does a book capture my attention that I can't put it down, that I can't wait for the next chapter.

Over the years I have been struggling with the secret to spiritual growth, I know how I personally growth and sometimes I feel guilty because my formula for spiritual growth is not a traditional way and I am constantly changing my habits. I change so much that you can't even consider them habits. But it works for me. It's what makes my relationship with God unique and exciting. Osborne talks about how we try to impose our own regulations and rules on spiritual growth, we have this linear approach that is supposed to works for everyone. Follow these steps and you are guaranteed growth by leaps and bounds. Unfortunate it doesn't always work that way. Wh…

Hidden Rocks

Christianity is more than just a shell. I was reading in Jude the other day and I know what most of you are thinking…there’s a book in the Bible called Jude? Yes, there is and it talks about this very issue. There were men back in the day that would call themselves followers of Christ but their lives were empty of any ingredients that are necessary to make a Christian.

"These men are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm — shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted — twice dead."
Jude 12

The word “blemish” there can also be translated “hidden rocks.” Hidden rocks were areas in the water that ship would try to avoid so they wouldn’t sink their ships. These men were like hidden rocks in the water causing others to struggle in their faith. And I love that figure he uses here, “a cloud without rain,” in other words, its void of refreshment, promise, and per…