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Did You Just Interrupt Me?

The next time someone interrupts me when I'm preaching this is going to happen.

Just Say No To Coke Zero!

So I decided the other day to start drinking Coke Zero because it doesn't have a bad taste and contains zero calories. I thought to myself, "this is a great idea." I've also heard that it helps with weight loss, and I can say this is true. However the way you lose the weight is not the best way...I can't stop using the bathroom. For the last week I have been trying to figure out what's going on and on a whim I looked up Coke Zero and diarrhea and found out that a lot of other people have had the same problem. Apparently Coke Zero has an ingredient called Aspartame and one of the 97 side effects of Aspartame is excessive diarrhea. As one blogger described the aftermath of Coke Zero as "Violent," I can confirm this.

Here is my warning...stay aways from Coke Zero!

Painfully Yours


Better Off With Less

I've often thought, is an economic crisis really a crisis? I was reading about an author named Dave Gibbons, he's a preacher and author of the book The Monkey and the Fish (after reading some of his ideas I am now ready to put this book on my must read list). Anyways, Dave also did an interview in the last Outreach Magazine. In the article he says "scarcity brings clarity." I never really thought about it that way but its true. When you have to go without you begin to think about what's most important, what are your true values.

I love one other observation Dave made: "It's not about the buildings. It's about what happens inside the building." It's not about how big our facility is or anything like that, its about what we do, how we worship, and who we love.

The early church had nothing, let me correct that, all they had was Jesus and each other and look at how the early church changed the course of history. I think its time we did it again, a…

Freaking Out Over Piggy Flu

Do you know how many have died from the swine flu? According to the World Health Organization as of today...31.

How many people died last year of the regular (non-swine) flu? According to the Center for Disease Control...36,000.

Do you see the problem? I'm more scared of the regular flu. But it just goes to show you, give something a gross name like swine flu, exaggerate the numbers and people some where will refuse to shake hands for fear of catch the dreaded swine flu.

We are ridiculous!



Tell Me Prayer Doesn't Work

I have a friend named Kurt. Recently he had some health concerns so they did some test and they suspected that he had small brain tumor causing seizures. They decided that more test needed to be done to confirm their suspicions. Obviously he was really nervous. After church last week he came up to me and asked if I would pray for him because he was scared. So I prayed for him, my friends Scott and Ty joined us in prayer.

Here's the cool part. Kurt called me then next day with the results of his test and found out that he didn't have a brain tumor like they suspected! Isn't that awesome! Doesn't that take your breath away.

Tell me prayer doesn't work. Tell Kurt prayer doesn't work.