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"He said what?"

So the question was, did I say what everyone thought I said last week. The answer is...yes. As a matter of fact, here's the quote of the illustration I used in reference to one sin leading to another.

"Holding hands, not a sin. But it leads to hugging, not a sin. Hugging leads to kissing, still not necessarily a sin but that is when the passions start kicking in. Kissing closed mouth leads to open mouth tongue kissing, tongue kissing leads to butt grabbing and then butt grabbing leads to all kinds of other stuff grabbing and then all kinds of other stuff grabbing leads to the opening of Pandora’s Box and your both running around naked doing all kinds of things you shouldn’t. I’ve seen it a million times."

That's right, this one had everything from "Pandora's Box" to "Butt Grabbing." You might ask yourself, "how does Justin come up with such intricately woven illustrations?" I answer with another question, "do you expect anything…

Giving Up

"To give up on love is to choose a life that is less than human.
To give up on love is to give up on life."

The more you love the more your chances of getting hurt go up. I'm serious, being in love your basically reaching into your own chest, ripping your heart out and handed over to another to do what ever they want with. They could cuddle your heart, pet your heart, braid your hearts hair. Or they can play baseball with your heart, or kickball with it and call it "kickheart."

You are giving them the power to do what ever they want. Honestly it kind of makes someone never want to fall in love. Love leaves you vulnerable and defenseless.

But you can't live without it.

You can try to live without love, but thats not much of a life. I actually feel sorry for those that have made the decision to give up on love, their missing out on so much. That's a horrible decision, but still some choose it. All I can say to that is...good luck.

What I'm Reading Right Now

Who ministers to ministers? I love to read, so I thought I would give you all some insight into what I am reading right now.

Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus
This is one of the oddest books I've ever read. It's basically a bunch of short thoughts that he's thrown together to form a book. They're awesome, just seems like he took all his blog ideas and made a book...wait a second, that's all I need to do. Awesome book with some great insights.

Holy Fools by Matthew Woodley
I got this book for Christmas and I can really relate easily to it. He's basically talking about the mentors in his life and how their not the prettiest and well polished. They're the Holy Fool's that most people would look at and say, "They're crazy." Anyways this book is really striking a chord with me.

Justin's Sound Checks

This is how I do a sound check before I preach.

Sound Check 1

Sound Check 2

Sound Check 3