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Weird Fact About Cat Urine

Did you know that cat urine glows under a black light?

I read this somewhere, I didn't actually try this experiment. Everyone knows how much I hate cats. So I am challenging someone, anyone to gather some cat urine and then put it under a black light. Then get back to me.

Don't ask me how to get the cat urine, I can't figure that part out.

Do it! Make it happen! Get back to me!


My New Lion

So durning Connections I've been preaching about being "Lion Chasers." The challenge comes 2 Samuel 23 where we see a man named Benaiah do something really crazy and out of the ordinary...chased a lion into a pit on a snowy day and killed it. The premise is "What if your greatest blessing could be found in your greatest fear, problem, or failure?" Would you run away or would you chase it?

The truth is that I am so excited to see how our people are responding to their lions. They're acknowledging them, they're chasing them, and they're killing them. I couldn't be happier with the results so far. This upcoming Sunday night is our last week of the Chase the Lion Series and honestly I'm kind of bummed. It's almost over and I'm sorry to see it go.

But there is one more thing thats missing. Everyone else has their lions, what about me? I want to chase my lion into a snowy pit and kill it. I want to take a huge risk. I want to face more fear…

This is CRAZY!

Ok, we all know that teenage pregnancy is a huge issue not only in the united states but the world, our teenagers are sexually active. What about pre-teenage sex?

Meet Alfie Patten, I'll let the article explain the rest. (click Alfie to read the article)

The Foolish Thoughts of a Foolish Follower

"Only a fool would attempt to change the world with a simple message of love and peace..."

Is it foolish to have high expectations? Is it foolish to think that the Church was meant for more than this? Is it foolish to think that God wants to do more than just maintain? Well if thats the case then I have to say that I have got to be the biggest fool around, no lie. I have high expectations. I think the Church was meant for more than just meeting on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. I honestly think that our God can do huge things, things that I can't even begin to imagine.

Does this make me a fool? Yes, and I'm cool with that.

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong."

The Church needs to stop underestimating what God can do. Economic crisis? We have a faith crisis.

"...So we can conclude that Jesus was a fool. Only fools would agree to follow such a man. we can…


When it comes to Christians and "offending" we are great at it...getting offended that is. Most of the time I see Christians crying and complaining about how offended they are about certain things. They're offended by what's on TV. They're offended by an ad in a magazine. They're offended by the public school system and what they teach or don't teach. They're offended by a bumper sticker on a random car. I realized that as I am writing this I am offending some of you (you know who you are).

This is what I think...we live in a world that is not Christian, why are we expecting it to act like it then. Instead of getting offended we need to start doing some offending.

Jesus told us that the world will hate and persecute us because of HIM. Why? Because he is the truth. Not everyone likes to hear the truth. He offends because he is true, and what does he do...loving the unlovable and healing the unhealable. Jesus offended with truth and I think we need to st…

No More Medicine

Many of you know that I have high blood pressure, I've been on the medicine for about a year. Well at the end of last year I decided that I am sick and tired of the medicine and that some time this year I will be off of it. So I joined Gold's Gym. I workout 5 days a week for about 2 1/2 hours at a time, I feel great and am excited to go to the doctors to see what he has to say. I realize that I will probably still be on the medicine after todays visit, I need more time to get in shape. But I'm really not afraid of going to the doctors anymore, I look forward to it.

I know I have the support of my awesome wife who continually encourages me. I have the support of my friends like Andy who pushes me at the gym so much I want to cuss at him. I have the support of my students like Wes who will jump in and workout with me when I need it and encourage me daily. And more importantly I have the support of my God, who has given me the endurance to keep up with everything, work and ex…