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Thinking of Heaven

This last week I was preaching about Heaven to the students and I wanted to teach them what scripture tells us about Heaven. Which brings me to this thought, what is the most important thing about Heaven? Is it the treasures that we have stored up in heaven like scripture describes? Is it the mansion that Jesus is preparing for you ahead of time? Is it the thought of seeing all of your loved ones that have already left? Maybe its just the idea that there will be no more war, or pain, or suffering in heaven?

All that I just described are amazing things that we get to look forward to. But sometimes we think too much of what we don't have that we miss the obvious. What's the most important part about Heaven?

The presence of God.

Jesus is the most important thing about heaven. If everything I described earlier was there, yet Jesus wasn' wouldn't be much of a heaven. Think about that for a second and then realize that you can have the most important part of heaven rig…

Our Worship Our Heart

Studies have been done to show that if you listen to a song long enough that you can sing the entire song with out even thinking about the words. Its amazing what routine can do to a person, especially one's worship. Sometime I find myself standing in worship, singing nice and loud, not even thinking about what I'm singing. Not what the words are or what they mean. Just singing from memory. I think this is what God was talking about in Isaiah when he talk about the people honoring Him with their lips yet their hearts are far from him.

What do you think it sounds like to God when we sing from memory? When you sing and don't give the words a second thought, how do you think that honors and glorifies Him?

Maybe you're like me, you get caught up in the routine of things and let you worship become nothing but empty words.

Next time your in worship, think about the words your singing and offer them up to your God as a beautiful heartfelt offering, because God wants to be more …