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just a thought

America uses 50% of the worlds oil supply.
The average number of cars for a family in America is 3...the rest of the world doesn't even average 1.
Look in your closet, if your like me you probably have more clothes then you know what to do with.
How many shoes do you have in your closet, probably more than you can wear in a week.
Tonight when you go to sleep in your bed, with your pillow and sheets, in your bedroom that is in your house remember have a bed, a pillow, sheets, and a house.

Yet we are the ones crying financial crisis because we can't maintain the level of comfort we once did. Understand that Americas poverty is the rest of the worlds rich.

I believe that instead of crying about the "failing economy" (I say that very sarcastically) and everything we don't have, we need to be thanking God for everything we do have. Our Christmas might not be like it was the years prior, but I have my wife and son and my God...I think this will be the best Christ…