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What would you do?

Lets just say that one day your walking down by the lakefront and all of the sudden you find yourself face to face with a lion. I know, a question arises, what is a lion doing at the lakefront? Well if this ever happens you can ask him.

Anyways I have a question. What would you do? Would you turn tail and run for your life? Or would you do the exact opposite? Thats right, give chase and run after the lion. What would you do? Feel free to leave a comment with your answer.



God Is Happy

So I would like to share a conversation with all of you that I had this past Sunday. Most of you know that I had the honor and priveledge to baptize an awesome young man this past Sunday during the second service. Him coming to God was the product of God never giving up on someone. Five years ago he and I sat down to talk about being baptized and he wanted nothing to do with it. Five years later he's in my office asking to baptized. Praise God!

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from this young man. This is how the conversation went.

Justin: Hey bud whats up?
Kurt: Justin, go outside right now.
Justin: Ok, hold on a minute...ok whats up.
Kurt: Look in the sky, I think its neat that the day I decide to be baptized there's a huge rainbow in the sky. Do you see it?
Justin: Yeah, its huge? What do you think God is trying to say to you?
Kurt: That he's happy with me and my decision.
Justin: (pause because I'm taken back at this point) You know what Kurt, I think your exactly …

Connections Opening Night

After months of planning, praying, and anticipation..."Connections" is finally here. I have to be honest with all of you, I don't think I have ever been more nervous in my entire life. For the last two weeks I have been extremely nervous, sleepless nights, upset stomachs, spontaneous emotional breakdowns where I start crying uncontrollable and I don't know why. You know the typical stuff we all go through. You might ask, "Justin, why were you so nervous?" Was I afraid no one would show up? I knew I was gonna be there and I was pretty sure Dana would be there, thats at least two people showing up. Was I afraid that as soon as the song service started that our sound board would blow up, maiming some innocent bystanders in the process? No, the sound board is old, but I was sure nothing like that would happen. Was I afraid that I would stand up for the first ever Connections service with my fly completely down for all to see? Yes, I was afraid of that…

InsideOut Student Ministries

What do you get when you mix a stressed out youth minister with a fall launch for InsideOut Student ministries...Me!

Last Wednesday night was our first night back from the summer, excitement and anxiousness filled the air. My self and the worship band practiced for the first time in three months the night before. I hadn't preached a sermon to them in a while. There were some new faces in the crowd with of course lots of old ones as well. So we went out there, turned our hearts towards heaven and went for it.

God had put it on my heart to challenge our students to really take a hard look at their lives. The summer was over, the camps, the special trips that we attend for our spiritual renewal. From my experiences, as soon as the summer starts the students forget their commitments, fall back into their old ways and limp through life until the next big thing. Well this is what I think...That's Stupid!

God intended us to live life to the fullest everyday and that we should b…