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Element 4: Intentional Spiritual Growth

This past Sunday night during our Elements meeting we were discussing "Intentional Spiritual Growth." Everything was centered around the famous "Quiet Time." When Dana and I were preparing for this Element we did not want to make this a "how-to" lesson. We wanted to focus on motivation, what is your motivation to meet with God? What is your motivation to pray and read your bible? As we discussed a lot of different things came out, but the bottom line was, "We have a quiet time because that is what we are supposed to do."

If we are to grow spiritually, we have to get past that attitude. Looking at the first and greatest commandment, it says nothing about "Have A Quiet Time!" God says..."Love Me." That is the motivation we need to have. When we love God we run to be with Him frequently and passionately. This is where intimate prayer and genuine study of his word happens.

Think about it this way. When your in love you …

What is Elements?

As Connections draws closer (September 7th at 7:00 p.m. to be precise), we have been working very hard to have everything ready to go. Honestly, there's a lot of work that goes into starting a new service. The biggest thing we have going right now is something Dana and I call Elements. Many of you have already heard something about Elements, but are still unsure what its all about. Here's the bottom line.

Elements is a discipleship program that myself and Dana have written specifically for Connections. And to emphasize how important Elements is to what we are doing, lets just say its the foundation of the Connections service. The goal of Elements is to take Christians and and non-Christians and help them to have an authentic and genuine relationship with Jesus. To be just what Jesus intended us to be..."Followers of Christ."

We have identified 7 different elements seen in the lives of a true Follower of Christ. Although this is not an exhausted list, it does gi…