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Jesus Is Impossible

Sometimes I have a hard time describing Jesus. On one hand he is just like you or I. I'm sure he would enjoy a good slice of pizza when he's hungry. At the end of a long days work he would relax and when he's tired enough he would sleep. He would probably even snore when he's really exhausted. If you told him something funny while he was taking a drink, more than like that drink would shoot out his nose just like it would us. And of course, what if he doesn't see that bump in the sidewalk and trips and scraps his knee, it bleeds just like you or I.

On the other hand he's nothing like us. He changes water into wine. He feeds thousands with just a fish and some bread. He walks on water. He gives sight to the blind with dirt and his spit. He purifies the unclean skin of the leper. He tells a cripple man to get up and walk and he does. He even breaths new life into the dead.

How can the common and uncommon co-exist? This is the type of thing that makes m…

Logical Love?

God's love is not logical. We gave him no reason to love us. Think about it, sin is against God and we are sinful beings by nature, and yet he loves us anyway. We did nothing to deserve this love; it's not like we helped him with his algebra homework. We didn't buy him that iPod He wanted so badly for Christmas. And of course we sure didn't rescue God's kitten from a tree. We did nothing to deserve his love.

Now lets just clarify "love" real quick. There are a lot of things that we say that we love. "I love my job." "I love italian food." "I love my cat." This isn't the love that we're talking about, the love we're talking about sounds more like "Hey, I love you so much that I will die for you." I love how Steven James puts it, "He would rather die than live for eternity in paradise without me by his side."

I have the easy job, I get to love God and I have a great reason, He died for…