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What If...

What if you were born the same day as Jesus and in the same town as Jesus? The wise men come into your tent bearing gifts and bowing down. Your parents are so proud already. The wise men begin to refer to you as Jesus the Christ child. Your parents look quizzically at each other and respond "His name isn't Jesus, its Brian." The wise men immediately get up and gather all their gifts and leave immediately. Your dad shrugs and says "well at least they left the frankincense." Then Karsudan walks back in, "almost forgot" and gathers up the frankincense.

From that day on your parents are constantly comparing you to Jesus. "Look, he turned water into wine, he walked on water, he feed thousand with a fish and a some bread. I bet Jesus wouldn't have let that bear eat our sheep, he probably would have wrestled it with his bare hands in order to save his parents sheep." Your thinking in the back of your head, "IT WAS A BEAR!"…

How Amazing And Difficult God's Will Is

I guess I never realized how difficult it was for Jesus to tell His father, "Not my will but your will." Jesus was on his way to experience pain and suffering beyond our comprehension, yet he still prayed "whatever you want God."

When push comes to shove can you pray that? I thought I could, but the truth is I couldn't. When we found out that Fay was going to have an emergency c-section because our son's heartbeat was dropping drastically, I immediately began praying. I would love to tell you that just like Jesus I prayed for what I wanted (safe wife and healthy baby boy) and then told God "whatever your will is"...but I didn't.

My prayer was more like, "I don't care what you want (sob, sob, sob), this is what I want (sob, sob, sob), just make sure everyone is safe (sob). Just in case you were wondering, the "sob" is a reference to me crying uncontrollably, however if you tell anyone else I will completely deny it. This …

If I'm The Branch How Can I Continue To Do Yard Work

Ten years ago I became a Christian. The very first verse that I memorized was John 15:5, the whole "I am the vine and you are the branches" verse. For some reason I felt a connection to it. About three weeks ago I had a cyst removed from my back, not a big deal, however I really hate pain so I seem to make a big deal out of nothing. The point is that it hurt. The doctor told me "no lifting over 10 pounds for six weeks." (by the way, that is retarded) My wonderful wife told me not to do anything. I'm cool with that, nothing like a nice relaxing weekend. "You can't do anything...(long dramatic pause) but you need to mow the lawn."

The last time I checked "mowing the lawn" was something. That Saturday I mowed the lawn, or at least I tried to. As you know its been rainy, and when you have a crappy push lawn mower like I do it means that you actually spend more time stopping and cleaning out the mower and starting it back up again t…